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BPI CONSULTING CC B.P.I Consultants was founded in 2012 with registration number CC/2012/4902. It is also another arm of BPIH which specializes in providing professional advice to client companies. It is manned by highly qualified consulting team in various fields including finance, accounting, information technology, human resources, corporate advisory services and other related services. The subsidiary came into being after evaluating the need for the provision of offering training to the end user after delivery and supply of our products hence reduction in maintenance cost because of lack of technical know-how to the end user. We are not limited only to providing service to where we would have supplied our products, but open to the whole economy including all government ministries. We have provided consultants services to UIS village council for the compilation of financial statements. We are looking for a bright future in the consultants services as we have a qualified and an experienced team in this field. The company complies with all statutory regulations both from social security commission and the receiver of revenue, with SME certificates and employment equity.
Benzel & Partners I N V E S T M E N T S  (PTY) LTD

List of services we offer:

CORPORATE FINANCIAL SERVICES We are innovative providers of financial services to business owners and their companies. When a company is facing financial problems, whether it concerns cash flow shortfall, falling sales or excessive debt, we deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained success. We offer transaction service support in acquisition, disposals, strategic alliances and access to global capital markets. MARKETING ADVISORY We offer hands-on, customer focused marketing consultancy. We are dedicated to assist companies boost their performances in the market place through innovative thinking and proven methodologies. Our specialized individuals analyze the client’s business structure and develop and maintain ongoing strategic marketing plans. ACCOUNTING SERVICES We offer specialist services in bookkeeping, payroll and income tax preparation. While concentrating on your core business, financial record accounting can easily become overwhelming, out of date or poorly prepared records can actually hinder your business. We can easily solve this anomaly by offering high quality service for all your business at affordable rates. Professionally prepared financial records provide powerful information tools that enable you to better manage your business. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our innovative group of professionals offer project management services. We apply processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives. As we all know that a project is a unique, transient endeavor, undertaken to achieve planned objectives, which could be defined in terms of outputs, outcomes or benefits, our team of highly specialist are always better placed to undertake and manage projects of any value and magnitude. Our team dwells on the following project management core components: Defining the reason why the project is necessary. Capturing project  requirements, specifying quality of the deliverables, estimating resources and time scale. Preparing a business case to justify the investment. Securing corporate agreement and funding.