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List of services we offer:

WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES The web applications are now very popular due to the state or capacity of web browsers and the convenience they bring to the clients. The key reason for their popularity is the ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on many client computers. COMPUTER PROGRAMMING SERVICES Internationally established coding standards are used. The system is planned by our highly qualified technicians and systems analyst. Our programs are well documented, robust, secure, expandable and maintainable. SOFTWARE CONSULTING SERVICES We advice our clients on how to use and to understand our systems which we would have build for them. We also advice them on how best to use and maintain the software and hardware to the best advantage of their organization. We provide a full range of consulting services in our solutions. SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT SERVICES We do installation, configuration and data conversion to your new software application. This can be done in two ways 1. Remotely 2. On-site SUPPLY AND DALIVERY We supply a range of information technology products. They range from Printers, Servers, Laptops, Storage solutions, Power solutions, Desktops and various related IT products. COMPUTER REPAIRS Our responsibilities may extend to include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages. We also create and maintain computer networks. DATA MIGRATION Data can be migrated between different storage solutions including disk arrays from various manufacturers. Any type of data between devises of different manufacturer can be transferred.        DATA WAREHOUSING We also provide our clients with the knowledge on data warehousing which incorporates data stores and conceptual, logical and physical models to support business goals and end user information needs. A data warehouse(DW) is the foundation for successful Business Intelligence system(BI) program. Creating a (DW) requires mapping data between sources and targets, then capturing the details of the transformation in a metadata repository. The data warehouse provides a single, comprehensive source of current and historical information.
BPI TECHNOLOGIES CC A subsidiary of BPIH which was incorporated in 2012 with registration number CC/2012/4903 is renowned with its punctuality to deadlines and delivery periods. B.P.I Technologies has a vast and recognized experience in delivering and supplying of various information technology products, software development, information technology consultants, security management system, installation, networking and related services. It is a company with highly qualified information technology professional specialist staff. Information communication technology plays a vital role in our day to day running of activities as the world is becoming a global village. To cope with such demands B.P.I Technologies is offering state of the art products and services specifically designed to automate and integrate all the ICT of a world standard. We have undertaken big projects in the Ministry of defense in supplying and installation of laptops and related products. B.P.I Technologies will go on providing information communication technology for excellent performance. In order to undertake the above with diligence we have become EID local representative, a company from Portugal which specializes and majoring in field communications, tactical network solutions, naval communications, digital intercoms, military messaging and systems integration. Teaming with our partners B.P.I Technologies offers turnkey solutions, tailored to specific customer requirements and including not only the communications and information technology components of such solutions but also civil works and other specifically required components.
Benzel & Partners I N V E S T M E N T S  (PTY) LTD
Projects executed under  B.P.I Technologies CC
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Supply and delivery of computer equipment-Ministry of defence forces
February 2015
Development of Adult Education Information Management  System- Ministry of Education
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