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B. Zaaruka Chief Operational Director Cell: +264 81 128 7442 Tel: +264 61 24 2038 Fax: +264 61 242 593/+264 88 617 748 Email: benzel@bpih.com.na PO Box 678, Windhoek, Namibia Capital Centre Building  |  2nd Floor  |  Werner List Street
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BENZEL AND PARTNERS INVESTMENTS (PTY) LTD Benzel and Partners investments (Pty) Ltd a subsidiary of BPIH with registration number 2011/0270, has a long history of buying, supply and delivery of various products from domestic, industrial to commercial products. It is also involved in construction, information technology, manufacturing, import and export of various goods with different size and magnitude, general consultants, printing and other related services. For its successful undertaking of the projects we consistently use business acumen, experience and knowledge to help our clients build their business. Benzel and partners is among the wholly owned Namibian companies adhering to good corporate ethics. It is in good standing with social security commission and the receiver of revenue. It is also registered with equity commission, SME and Namibian preferential procurement corporation. We are also a representative and a local partner of various international companies including Marce Firefighting Technology and Chadda Power. This association has seen us deliver and supply Firefighting trucks to the Ministry of regional, local housing and rural development, Namibian Airports Company and City of Windhoek fire department. We have been also involved in many projects from organizations and parastatals some of them being Telecom Namibia, Parliament of the republic of Namibia from both houses that is national assembly and national council, construction of Oshakati hospital nuclear medical building, supply and delivery of networking and installation of information communication technology to the university of Namibia. Over the years Benzel and Partners  Investments (Pty) Ltd has developed a lasting relationship with its partners and customers which continuously and further brings it to the lime light of Namibian market.
Benzel & Partners I N V E S T M E N T S  (PTY) LTD
Benzel & Partners I N V E S T M E N T S  (PTY) LTD
Projects executed under – Benzel and Partners Investments(Pty)Ltd
Date to be completed
Namibia Airports Company- Supply and delivery of fire fighting vehicles and related equipment
October 2014
Supplying and delivery of fire fighting vehicle-Ministry of regional and local housing
June 2012

List of services we offer:

CONSTRUCTION This is the process of creating and building infrastructure or a facility. Our team starts with planning, designing , financing and continues until the project is built and ready for use. Far from being a single activity, large scale construction is a feat of human muiltasking. The jobs are managed by our project managers, design engineers, construction engineers or project architect. For the successful execution of a project, effective planning is essential. Our project managers take great care and responsibility in considering the zoning requirements, environmental impact of the jobs, the successful scheduling, budgeting, construction site safety, availability and transportation of building materials, logistics and bidding. IMPORT AND EXPORT We are involved in helping our clients import and export their products within and outside our borders. This is professionally done with our team of experts. DELIVERY AND SUPPLY OF VARIOUS PRODUCTS We aim to deliver all standard requisitions within the stipulated time of receipt of your orders. The supplies you need are delivered directly to your door steps in the shortest delivery period agreed. In this regard we are proudly Marce Fire Fighting Manufacturers’ Namibia local partner. In this partnership, we have successfully delivered Fire Fighting Trucks to Namibia Airports Company and Ministry of Regional and Local Government. INFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Our team of specialist Technicians and Systems Analyst are always geared and on standby to offer the services to our clients. Our services stretch from communication devices or applications encompassing computers, network hardware, software, web development, supply and delivery of ICT and related various services and applications. SOLAR ELECTRICITY GENERATIONS Our company, in partnership with international companies, have also joined the Government’s initiative in achieving the objectives of vision 2030 by investing in Solar Energy Generating system which is a cheap green electricity from sunlight. We also offer services in Security, Investments, and Manufacturing.